Thursday, November 23, 2023

World Toilet Premiere: Mark Lohmann

Now this is a special one. We're having a world toilet premiere here at CAGG! Anyone who visited one of the Clean Pete Christmas Shows last year will undoubtedly remember Mark Lohmann performing this song and now he is officially releasing this remarkable track (tomorrow actually, but we had the honor of sharing it with you already today). Mark Lohmann, who also makes music under the moniker Moon Moon Moon, wrote this therapeutic self-help song about the panic attack he had right before he had to perform during a previous Clean Pete Christmas show in concert hall Doornroosje. As a result, he fled to the backstage toilet and actually didn't want to leave it anymore.
Uncertainty about whether he was good enough, well dressed enough, handsome enough, funny enough and so on, made him no longer dare to perform. Until - in this song - his own self, two hours older, bangs on the toilet door and tells him to stop comparing himself to others and just be 100% himself. Yes, a pretty lame and cliché advise from his future self, but it works. 

Lohmann already has quite a few sublime Christmas songs to his name, including my personal all-time Dutch favorite in duet with Loes from Clean Pete (who is also presented as one of his fears in this song too). But there's also this 'Adult Christmas' from 2020, sung in English, about spending your Christmas Eve on a plane, chasing dreams, being confident, meeting someone and having sex in the toilet stall. (What's that with toilets and Christmas, Mark?) 

But this years track probably is his most personal 'till now. It's on repeat at the CAGG headquarter all day, because we love his unique talking style of singing and his diction. His lyrics are completely honest, mostly uncomfortable, self reflective and always tragicomic in a way. Some might say he's a typical anti-hero, I'd say if you have the guts to write a song like this, you're the opposite.
Unfortunately this track goes in Dutch, but for all you non-Dutch speakers out there, believe me, his lyrics are more than worth a Dutch course. An instant Christmas classic is born, straight from the toilet. Now think about that.

Insta Mark Lohmann and his X.
Moon Moon Moon's Insta here and X over there.