Thursday, November 02, 2023

Numero Christmas

Famed re-issue label Numero released a batch of Christmas songs on November 1, with (so far) very little extra info. Here's a selection. Check out their Spotify playlist and the YouTube videos too.

Chisel was a 90s rockband, with Ted Leo as a member, who apparently recorded this fuzzy Xmas track:

EDIT: Jon Solomon stated in the comments that this song is a cover, by 90s alt rock band Cardinal (what a song this is!):

Rockabilly rarity Lenny Lacour had a Christmas song called 'Twinkle Toes (The Christmas Cha Cha)' in 1961, that is now re-released by Numero, last year it was on a Tuff City Records compilation:
On Eugene Viscione, Numero wrote earlier: 'The mad genius of New Jersey, Eugene Viscione was a supernova of strange ideas and he pursued them all simultaneously. He was a singing barber, a songwriter, a music producer, a record hop host, and a label owner in his own right; but also an author, a movie producer, a presence on local access TV, the founder of a dozen publishing companies, the owner of an extraordinary range of copyrights, and an inventor who created things like Extension Lips, Tickle Fingers, and Mad Charles.' There's a five track EP of EV on the streaming sites:

70s gospel artist Clif Gober is in the Numero batch with this track:

Very cool R&B dance track (sounds like Eddie Murphy is one of the singers):


Jon Solomon said...

That Chisel song is a cover of the band Cardinal. Had no idea it existed!