Tuesday, November 07, 2023

It's 50 Years of Merry Xmas, Everybody

Released on December 7, 1973 (according to the Official UK Top 40 site), and a classic ever since, Slade's glamrockin' Merry Xmas Everybody is as unescapeable in the season as Wham! or Mariah. And rightly so, if you ask me.

Last year, I did a HUGE post of all kinds of covers of MXE. Turns out there are WAY more. So here's a round up of the ones that got away, and some personal faves. NOT the covers by stars like Robbie Williams, Spice Girls or Train.
My faves are versions that do not stay close to the original, that alter the lyrics, add speed, totally different styles, etc..
Fun fact, the Slade tune was based on this old demo by Noddy Holder. Fine interview with Noddy about the song HERE. Mini documentary HERE.

This goth version was absent from the last big post. It's...different:
EDIT: From the comments, this lovely lovely 80s influeced electronic ballad:
Named 'the bestest' cover version last time; Fast, LOUD, high octane (and altered, more snotty lyrics, LOVE IT, love the break, it's fantastic):
Second best, this sterling version that starts quiet, gets in a lo-fi Northern soul vibe and then EXPLODES:
Altered lyrics, you want? What a great version about an Office Xmas Party this (still) is, from 2017:
Also new(ish): Sweet, childlike version that changes into a bossanova:

Made on a Commodore 64 computer:
Here is a cover in Finnish:
And this version is in Icelandic, sounds like the guy Abba-fied it:
A men's choir version:
Recent: big band version


Jim said...

Maybe you love the original spirit of this song way more than I do, but I thought Tangier got it right:


Guuzbourg said...

Ah, there's always that one version I missed eh, ;-). Great compilation, with an original glamrock masterpiece too