Thursday, November 16, 2023

Window Business

Window Business is a duo from Spokane, and Portland, USA. Chief Windowers are Will and Tim, they make music since 2014 and I count five albums. But very VERY little people have heard of 'm: close to zero plays on Soundcloud and Spotify. Odd! They need to be heard more!
They make blues and folk inspired music; sparse, slow, with a loose groove. And sometimes tragicomic lyrics. Or very sad, listen to 'Tell the kids'. Their albums are downloadable for free on their website.

I bumped into them by accident, when I was searching for the original version of this song posted on Christmas Underground. If you like a more laidback Gaspard Royant or JD McPherson, you might enjoy this (it's not a cover):

This track, also from their Christmas album, about drinking and listening to James Brown on Christmas, sits very nicely on any Xmas mix:


Window Business said...

Thanks for the shout out! Tim and I live in Portland. Our web developer homie and sometimes bassist, Age lives in Spokane. We've done some recording there and I like to say we have offices in Portland and Spokane. Our site is //
I appreciate the plug.

Will Stafford

Anonymous said...

Dude! One of your readers from Germany bought our vinyl! Thanks again for taking the time!