Thursday, November 23, 2023

Christmas TV, Elliot Wilson Premiere

That title, Christmas TV, that's of course a nod tot that great alt xmas classic by Slow Club from 2008. We did a post with various versions two years ago (HERE), it's stil a cool song no? Listen again: The reason I'm diggin this up is this really cool upbeat popsong by Elliot Wilson, 'Made for TV', about being fed up with sappy Christmas movies. Hallmark Channel overload, so to speak. Elliot's no stranger to making Xmas music, find his debut with nicely streamlined originals and covers HERE. His new song is just GREAT and we can premiere it here (official release tomorrow). Hear al the references to truly great Christmas movies at the end, very clever:

Christmas & tv, that's a fine combination. Here's a selection of songs on that theme:

This great power pop song needs to be in a list about songs about watching tv on Christmas, with loads and loads of references:
Stuffed with Christmas TV samples:
The Eggnog Experience punkifies watching tv on Christmas:
Solo track, with an Evan Dando vibe, about Southside Girls 'who think that music started with the Pixies', who also like Christmas on TV:
Lo-fi, and to be honest a tad mediocre jinglejangle track but with a great chorus: 'There's nowhere I'd rather be/Than watching shit TV/In your arms /On Christmas Day:
The Buddy System released this noisy ode (hmmm, sort of) in 2007: