Tuesday, November 28, 2023

World Premiere: Clean Pete & Tim Knol

Our patience was tested a tiny bit this year, but now it's finally here: the long-awaited new Christmas duet from blog darlings Clean Pete. Tomorrow the official release, today already exclusive on Christmas A Go Go.
After duets with a number of fellow angels in recent years (Judy Blank, Maaike Ouboter and Robin Kester), a male duet singer has been chosen this time. And lo and behold: right away it's hullabaloo immediately and hearts are being broken. Thanks Tim!
So don't let the song title fool you, because 'De Mooiste Tijd Van Het Jaar' (Most Wonderful Time Of The Year), doesn't apply to either of the two ex-lovers in this compelling song. Their love turned as cold as the ice on the roof under which they once slept together. If only Christmas could be skipped this year... A beautiful Christmas duet dripping with melancholy and heartache for a love that is no longer there.
The choice of Tim Knol, a famous Dutch singer-songwriter, also works out very well. His second voice singing is pretty modest and blends surprisingly beautifully with Loes Wijnhoven, who is also responsible for the music and lyrics. 

Traditions are here to stay, so this year again Clean Pete seduces us with sophisticated musical arrangements and moving lyrics. I think by now we can call them the Dutch high priestesses of Christmas. Catch'm live on stage this Xmas season!  

Clean Pete Insta here, X over there.
Tim Knol Insta here, X over there.