Tuesday, November 28, 2023

It's the Comps

Christmas mixes and compilations are the myrrh and incense of any Xmas music fan. The gold is, of course, in the music. Three GIANT compilations were released recently, so chock-full of precious sounds we had to wear sunglasses. Here's an oversight:

The 3rd volume of 'Have Yourself a Merry Indie Christmas' has 35 tracks, including a handful that were posted here earlier like El Sancho, The Futureheads, and Vista Blue. With Sunturns, Charlie's Hand Movements and Wedding Present also, err, present you can't go wrong. All proceeds go to charity, like the other two volumes. Very well done again, Kevin! Read all about the tracklisting HERE.
One of the outstanding tracks on V3 is this one by Berlin's Hans Foster (aka Hanemoon). I missed this when Christmas Underground posted it back in 2017. Turns out Man Behind Tree made TWO great Xmas tracks:

Volume 17 (!!!) of A Very Cherryrade Christmas offers Photocopies, Hannah Barberas, Portable Radio and Goddammit Jeremiah among others (26 tracks, 6 Pounds). It's on CD only, no downloads and only 200 copies made. Be quick! Some bands do offer their contribution to this long lasting, always fantastic compilation series on their Bandcamp, like Goddammit Jeremiah:

Sleigh is a 22-track, 14 dollar compilation, of recent Christmas music by mostly American artists on the Nettwerk music distribution roster. No really big names and quite streamlined, but with Beta Radio, Freyr and Martin Kerr's 'God Rest Ye Merry Billionaires' there's more than enough to enjoy. Lots of covers, too. All songs are also available on streaming platforms. Two examples, this a very fine cover of a Billy Squier song:
And this is just a really nice song: