Friday, November 10, 2023

Secret Santas

So, it's Friday, there are a lot of new Xmas songs released today. See the Spotify playlist to keep up. On this blog, we're taking it back to 2017. A Canadian band called Secret Santas released, on Bandcamp, this indie rocker. Reminds me of Teenage Fanclub, Big Star, Violent Femmes. It's uptempo, it's nostalgic, it's catchy.
This was the only song by Secret Santas, I have no clue who 'Messier/Trudeau' are, the songwriters. Anyone with knowledge in Canadian indie that knows who's behind it? It's good. It's a potential classic, even.

So then I thought: are there any good songs with the title 'Secret Santa' (because there are a lot of songs with a variation on 'Christmastime with you')? Slighty more than a handful, it turned out.
This deep funky track by Charlie's Hand Movements, of course:
Our powerpoppin' Vista Blue friends made a good one:
From 2015, this gritty track, recorded for Jon Solomon's Xmas Marathon:
Longboat are billing themselves as 'Seattle's least favorite band', but this organic rocker is cool. It sounds like Lou Reed in a really good mood. It's from a full album with originals, that I need to explore (but 'It's Not Christmas Til the Trees Catches Fire' sounds good for the title alone):
Upbeat indie from Monkeys in Love (who made a louder, probably better Christmas song later):
And this Velvet Underground-ish track by Suzies: