Thursday, November 09, 2023

Beta Radio

I looked it up, Beta Radio gets one hit on this blog, in a mix by Blues Are Still Blue in 2011 (HERE). Other than that, the duo (Benjamin & Brent) are omitted. Which is...odd. They made several Xmas EP's, compiled those (HERE) and Martin/Stubby is (of course) a fan. The Stubmeister found out (on the Fa) that the duo released a new EP, with two covers and an original track. (Yes that is the cover, and yes you recognize the scene from Home Alone, no? It's also mentioned in the lyrics of the new song)
The folksky, country-tinged (lots of banjos), wonderfully sung tracks by Beta Radio are a treat, really. And their original song is too. I'm including the Paul McCartney cover too cuz it's simply wonderful. Really, try it.

Oldie but goodie: