Sunday, November 19, 2023

Swansea Sound

The Swansea Sound from - you guessed right - Swansea in the UK, is specialized in singalong indiepoppunk and recorded three Christmas tracks this year. The one featured here is 'Santa Bail Me Out' and is about how you should, even with a bank account deeply in the red, still celebrate Christmas. Maybe even extra hard. The other two songs are in fact two of a kind. 'Nadolilg, Pwy A Wyr?' is sung in Welsh by Catrin Saran James, who is actually not a real band member, but does the artwork for the band, while 'The Life We Led' is sung in English by Hue Williams and Amelia Fletcher. Both songs will be released December 8th.
And don't forget to join in to their very short Christmas Listening Party on 9th December, because "The band will be up for a chat and will answer any questions, although they may be quite drunk." Don't say we didn't warn you. 

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