Tuesday, November 28, 2023

xmaseves by braden rapp

Just bumped upon this one (bad sound quality though) while cruising Soundcloud: xmaseves (merry christmas, now i'm leavin') by braden rapp. No capital letters allowed apparently. A little info digging later this turned out to be an original Christmas track we sadly overlooked last year. And that is just about all the information that can be found about braden rapp too.
But it's a very cool indie rock track that slowly starts with some kind of movie sample, sleigh bells, organ synths and a few little drummer boy rolls, then a very nicely sung song with a raw edge unfolds. This farewell song really deserves to be highlighted, even though we are a year late. CAGG at your service.

You said
Lately I've been thinkin'
Merry Christmas
Now I'm leavin'
I bring you the greatest gift of all


Guuzbourg said...

Gosh this is so xcellent