Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Team Amoeba Wants To Gobble

With a little backing vocals help on 'Gobble, Gobble Hey!' (not to be confused with this Ramones parody from 1979) by the Merry Mummula Choir, Team Amoeba recorded two Holiday tracks that last just a little bit more than two minutes each. Exactly the kinda length that makes you hopeful for some steamy punk.
Tina and Gene Amoeba, who are currently floating around the Midwest, say they are into 'catchy pop punk to shake your cytoplasm to', whatever that may mean and that's about all the information you can find about them on the internet.


Jon Solomon said...

The first of these is a re-working of "Attitude" by The Misfits! Can't quite place the second one...