Wednesday, November 23, 2022

I wanna be your Santa

Pastiche-rockers The Krayolas follow a long line of Ramones-themed Christmas songs (more on that later) with their take on I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend. Krayolas' I Wanna Be Your Santa is a tad more polished than the Noo Yawk-punkrockers original.

A few years ago Krayolas tex-mexed this Rudolph-classic:

As said, Ramones are highly inspirational when it comes to Christmas songs. Of course, they wrote their own classic (see HERE), but hey ho let's go back to these versions:

No clue what they're on about, but the song and the title are great:
Bring back Joey Ramone! If only. But what a cool song:
EDIT: thanks to Jon Solomon (great blog!) I found more Ramones-themed xmas songs:

This phenomenal track by Sarita & The Happy Elves from 2012 is a great heartbreaking punk rock song about missing someone and playing the Ramones (and Damned, Pistols and Dead Boys) records the guy left behind:


Jon Solomon said...

I've got a whole slew of Ramones-inspired Xmas tunes I'm happy to share with you!

Anonymous said...
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Guuzbourg said...

Hey Jon, bring it on! is our email, but you can post it here as well

Anonymous said...

Thank you for including the Krayolas (and Augie Meyers of SDQ on “Rudolph”). Great holiday sound choices. Gabba Gabba Ho, Ho, Ho. ❤️