Wednesday, November 25, 2020


Kevin & Nate, best known together as Uncle Billy, are superb seasonal songwriters. Last year, they made the highly original 'It's Christmas (I'm a dog)', and if you read our post, you know the duo have had more quality tunes up their sleeve. This year, they are going straight for your heart, via your soul, brushing your tear ducts. 'Together Again' is a warm 'n cosy ballad, lovingly arranged, and with lyrics that are very 2020 (and probably on point for years to come). Thanks Uncle Billy.
When I dream, I drift away
To wakin' up on Christmas Day
Ain't a present to be opened
Just the ones I love and hold so dear

You can send the song as a Christmas e-card to loved ones. Follow THIS LINK


Unknown said...

Thanks, Kevin and Nate for this lovely, thoughtfull, meaningful, and very timely musical composition.

Paul Henry said...

The above comment was from me, (Uncle) Paul