Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Beau Jennings cd

Last year, mr Beau Jennings made the best Christmas album. Hands down. Read what we wrote about this HERE. It was only available digitally, but now he's releasing it on a compact disc.
In his own words:
Last year I released a solo album of Christmas songs on my 4-track with some help from my friend Dustin Ragland. It was only released digitally, but this year I’m releasing it for the first time on that wonderful, long forgotten, vintage format…that’s right, the compact disc. To celebrate I’m including a postcard insert with handwritten lyrics to the song ‘The Christmas Heart’. I’m even putting a bow (beau?) on it. I think these make a cool gift

If you somehow missed that album, check this track. Go to BJ's Bandcamp to order.