Sunday, November 15, 2020

Québécois medley, with cars crashing in the snow

Fiddler funny guy Alain-François of Victoriaville, Québec (where poutine was invented) brings us a fast-paced ditty with nods to Les Classels' Sentier de Neige while covering 'Jingle Bells' ('Vive le vent' in French), but calling it 'Prendre le champ', roughly 'Ending up in the ditch'. All the cars trying to get around in snowstorms is as legit as it gets and reminds me of home.
Don't understand Québécois? This tune totally swings and you'll recognise a lot of well-known American Christmas melodies, while watching Americans stuck in the snow as well, bigly.
Vous comprenenez le français ? All the lyrics to all the songs were changed to complain about snow, which is what all Canadians do at least five months a year.
For the advanced class, there are skidoos in this clip, a proud Québécois invention from 1959.