Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Old Toy Trains

Nothing wrong with a litte cry during a Christmas song, is there? Well, not to me. Whilst scanning Bandcamp for new(-ish) Christmas songs, I bumped into this track. It's a carefully made cover of an old Roger Miller track. A song about al little boy playing with the toys he just got from Kris Kringle. There's something really moving about this scene, maybe because I'm a parent, maybe because I clearly remember myself playing with toy trains I just got from Sinterklaas (Dutch Santa Claus). Ah, those were the days.

Anyhow, turns out a lot of people made versions of this song. Here's a few more:

Here's another one, by Christmas enthusiast Peter van Helvoort, aka Teenage Kicks (be sure to listen to his original Christmas Story):

Sexy voiced DTCV
Noisily redone: