Friday, November 06, 2020

Bicyclettes de Belsize

In Charlie Darling's own words:
On 1st December 2020, residents, family and friends of Morston, north Norfolk, will be able to download and listen to their very own Christmas song, written by a local musician to celebrate life in the village during the festive period. In these uncertain, unprecedented and changeable times we can at least appreciate that there are some things of which we can be quite sure – Christmas Day will fall on December 25th. Usually, no Christmas Eve is complete until the voices of the Morston Carol Singers fill the village starry night sky air as they entertain locals and guests while collecting money for the maintenance and repair of All Saints Church. However, under current restrictions it is difficult to guarantee that this annual delight will be feasible (or even permitted) under COVID-19 guidelines. As a form of alternative festive fare, Morston-based musician Charlie Darling, together with Sandra Morris, has written ‘A Morston Tale’ – an exclusive Christmas song for the village. Featuring vocals by Sandra’s daughter Bethan and performed by Charlie’s band ‘Les Bicyclettes de Belsize’, the song pictures the scene around Morston, over frosted fields with crystal snowflakes blanketing the marshes - while seal pups, March Hares, Tawny Owls and more appear in the glow of the candles flickering in the church. To accompany ‘A Morston Tale’, Charlie and Bethan have joined with artists ‘The Dodman Snails’ and ‘The Merstona Orchestra’ - conducted by D’Arby Stakes – to record an album of much-loved popular songs and traditional carols. The resulting collection of songs can be heard and downloaded here for just £10.00 - or pay more if you’d like to - with proceeds from sales going to Friends of Morston Church, a registered charity dedicated to raising funds for the maintenance and repair of All Saints Church, Morston, Norfolk (


Stuart Kazanow said...

The music on this tune sounds like it was lifted directly from Marmalade's "Reflections of My Life." That said, I still like it quite a bit. :)