Monday, November 16, 2020

Kung Fu Christmas

I bumped into this song by the Luvmenauts on Bandcamp, and thought, are there more Kung Fu themed Christmas songs? But of course there are. That EP by The Luvmenauts is really good by the way, if you dig retro, organ-driven instrumental soul and funk. 'Christmas Soul' from that EP is the killer track, and to hear them funk the hell out of The Carol of the Bells is a true pleasure.

Johnny's idea for the this rocksong was probably better than what came out, the cheerful refrain sure is catchy tho.

No clue what this emo band is singing, but hey, it's karate:

Not a Chinese or Japanese contact sport, still: it's fighting.

And then there's this troupe of comedians, with a fantastic Motown, blaxploitation parody: