Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Cool christmas

After last year's succes, Universal decided to release a second 'A Very Cool Christmas' compilation. Number 2 is divided in a Rockin' and a Groovin' part. The double LP has 32 tracks and the 2CD package contains 47 tracks. Most of the artists are known to very known with names like Pearl Jam, Paul Simon, Johnny Cash, James Brown, Amy Winehouse or Michael Jackson.. The choice of tracks is good. They tried to avoid the most obvious songs, so there is a lot of nice and new music to discover here. Like this great Ramones cover from Little Steven, on both LP and CD version.

Also on te Rockin' section  hardly known tracks from Baby Bird  (on LP & CD) and the band Harvey Danger (CD only) and a hilarious Dread Zeppelin novelty song. One of the CD-only tracks comes from the only Dutch contribution on Cool Christmas 2, this nice  Tangerine song from 2014.