Monday, November 30, 2020

X-Misses Come Home

X-Misses are a band from Nashville.  In 2018 they surprised us with their Xmas LP 'Christmas Reminiscences'. Now they have a new digital Xmas track out with very nice vocals and a bit country & jazz. Get it on their X-Misses  Bandcamp.

X-Misses head honcho Tim writes on BC that he wrote the song right after that highly praised first album, as a consolation track for a friend. That changed when the corona virus took over:
When the trajectory of the virus became clear in October, I spent weeks deliberating about whether I should wait until next year to release the song. Many of us will not be traveling home for the holidays; myself included. Many of us will be mourning people we've lost or spending the holidays trying to save lives. I don't want to be insensitive, nor do I want to promote traveling without taking strict precautions.

So, when Tim asked advice from his friends (nurses, soliers, pharmacists), they all said: RELEASE THIS SONG. And we're SO glad he did. Because songs like these, 2020 really needs.