Friday, November 06, 2020


First track from the upcoming Christmas album by CHilly Gonzales. Read all the details here. This is a beautiful rendition of the ole' classic:


Santajan said...

So, after all is said and done this Christmas, there was only one album that summed it all up. The isolation, the weirdness, the love of old tunes but always with a twist, the need to break up old pianos and turn their insides into Christmas decorations, the willingness of lost souls Jarvis and Feist to be a part of all this, the pleasure it has given us during Christmas dinners, the beauty of the vinyl, the Chillyness of it all.

There's no contest this year. Chilly Gonzales' A Very Chilly Christmas is the Xmas Album Of The Year! A timeless masterpiece of high notes barely reached on the piano, vocals too misty to miss and an artist that has it all. Chilly Gonzales, congratulations! Album of the Year is no mean feat in my book. The Oscars, The Grammys are two things. But Santajans Christmas Album Of The Year is the bomb.

BOOM! there you go. Fireworks, just because we can.

Love, Santajan

Santajan said...

Xmas album of the year.