Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Minimal Schlager

Minimal Schlager, great band name. If you're not familiair with Schlager, it's what Germans call smash hits of the schmaltzy kind. Example, this one. The 'Minimal' works just like the 'Prefab' in Prefab Sprout - there's nothing minimal to a Schlager. Anyway. Minimal Schlager = Fran and Alicia Parisi, bro and sis of Argentinian descent and based in both London and Berlin - for this Christmas single they worked with Art Brut singer Eddie Argos, and Laura Lee of German band Gurr. If these names sound familiair, you can probably recall their Xmas duet 'Christmas Holiday' from 2018. The Parisi's made Laura and Eddie sound like a clash between Trans X and Human League, 80s vibes all 'round, with lyrics that refer to gloom 80s as much as gloom covid-time.

Is this a good time to also bring up this fantastic xmas track featuring Eddie Argos? It probably is: