Monday, November 01, 2021


AAAaaaaaaaaand we're back! November First is (usually) the day we re-open this blog for our favourite off-beat holiday music. It's the 15th season of Christmas a Go Go!; we had plans of celebrating this with special songs 'n all, but stuff got in the way alas. So we're just gonna celebrate the new season with good songs, and who knows what might pop up later.

Anyways, first song is by Willolux, a Canadian songstress with (as far as I know) her second seasonal song. That sounds VERY retro, very British torch song, A Girl Called Eddy, Tracy Ullman, Sandi Shaw.


Juan Plazas said...

Awesome blog!

Stuart said...

Great to have you back. Great song to launch the season!

Christmas Underground said...

I need the motivation. Thank goodness you all are back.