Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Blondie and Christmas

 In 1981 English magazine Flexipop came out with a great, blue colored, X-mas 7 inch  flexi disc. With three tracks from the bands The Brattles, Snuky Tate and Blondie. 'Yuletown Throw Down (Rapture)', a sort of X-mas version of 'Rapture', was the track Blondie made together with the at that time very hip grafitti artist Fab Five Freddy. 40 years later there finally is an official release of that flexi track: a very limited 12 inch with the original version and two new mixes.

I always thought this was Blondie's only Christmas song. Until recently I did discover that they also made one in 2009,  'We Three Kings' .