Saturday, November 20, 2021

Broken up at Christmas

Hailing from blueberry country, Québec's Pierre Lapointe sings 'Six heures d'avion nous séparent' (A six-hour plane ride seperates us) together with Lebanese-British singer Mika as a delightful, slightly sixties-influenced duet. I say it must be those soul-influenced drums Pierre uses so often. The song is last year's fare, but like an artificial tree, it can last for a long time. It's a great anti-Christmas song: two former lovers, one in Montréal and one in Paris, are basically throwing intellectual shade at each other. When summer comes back around, they might actually talk about their bad break up, but for now, all talks are frozen.

A six-hour plane ride seperates us, Yet you're still way too close.

You get the idea. Now put it on your playlist!