Thursday, November 04, 2021

Easter chocolate for Christmas

Fun-loving Montrealers Bleu Jeans Bleu has a pastel-clad Christmas song vintage 2016 called 'Coco de Pâques pour Noël' (Chocolate Easter egg for Christmas), the perfect stocking stuffer Christmas song. Frontman Mathieu 'Claude Cobra' Lafontaine sings using a slightly exaggerated, maybe even effeminate Québécois accent, which usually denotes not taking oneself's too seriously - a typical French Canadian trait if I do say so myself - and pleasant familiarity, all in good fun. 'Coco de Pâques pour Noël' features romance, bargain hunting, fashion, pastel watercolour and a small 'side burn' to syrupy French singer Patrice Bruel since his last name rhymes nicely with 'Noël'. You might know Bleu Jeans Bleu from their 2019 big hit, 'Coton ouaté' (Sweat shirt), which they even did as a duet with nobody other than Québec's biggest star of all time, Céline Dion, rocking the band's sweat shirt.