Sunday, November 28, 2021

Christmas TV

On this blog we explore the newest Christmas songs, but we also dive in alternative Christmas pop history. Earlier on, we posted versions of alt xmas pop classics like Ron Sexsmith's Maybe This Christmas (HERE), Paul Kelly's Who's Gonna Make the Gravy (HERE), Low's Just Like Christmas (HERE) and RUN DMC's Christmas in Hollis (HERE).
Now, we take a look at 2008's Christmas TV by Sheffield duo Slow Club. It was a Christmas single, and appeared a year later on their seasonal EP Christmas, Thanks for Nothing. The song is a desperate cry for love, a broken heart wanting to set back time:
I like the way that our arguments stop when we fall asleep
And the way that your body feels when it's wrapped around me
And I'd like it if you made it to mine by Christmas Eve
So you can hold me
And we'll watch Christmas TV

Most versions stick to the sad, gentle original by Rebecca and Charles:

Here's a selection of cover versions, there are FAR more. Did I miss a really good one? Holler!

Really dig this version:

Don't be fooled by the credits, this is a cover by duo Filthy Rich Dirty Poor: