Saturday, November 13, 2021

Norwegian Christmas with Boyzvoice

Just re-released, Let Me Be Your Father X-Mas, tweeted to me by famous Norwegian actor and director Espen Eckbo (!) of Get Ready to Be Boyzvoiced, a hilarious mockumentary about a boy band's ups and downs. The fun thing is, Boyzvoice became an actual act (not unlike the UK's Spinal Tap) and continue to perform and release music including - you guessed it - some Christmas music. Boyzvoice is well known for their dodgy lyrics and Let Me Be Your Father X-Mas is no exception, a song remixed by DJ Advento for Nissene i bingen (The Elves in the bin). On 1 December, Nissene i bingen and their Christmas spoofs will be featured on Discovery+ in Norway.

Do yourself a favour and also check out their fake spy song à la James Bond called Spy Me At Noon, with excellent questionable lyrics.