Thursday, November 11, 2021

Christmas in Hell

Here's one of Québec's best musical jokers Mononc' Serge together with thrash metal Montrealers Anonymus hashing out the banger 'Les fêtes en enfer' (The holidays in hell) in 2016. Mononc' Serge's vocals is what goes through your head when you're visiting the part of the family you don't like and want to start running to see how far you can get in the thick Quebec snow in the dark only to realise it's f****** cold and there's nowhere to run, a bit like hell. Here's a rough cut for you to set the (nativity) scene:

Santa Claus is dead,
you won't get any presents!
Baby Jesus is crying
in his 'pram'.
The ox and grey donkey pissed on his head,
but nobody gives a f***
It's the holidays!