Sunday, December 08, 2019

Christmas Reapers

There's something odd about this compilation. It's a pretty standard affair of easy listening versions of well-knows seasonal standards. Odd name, tho: Christmas Reapers. Then all of a sudden, this track shuffles by:

It's like a big bird shitting on your just-washed classic car. Is it a joke? Meant to be funny? Now, I'm all for screamo-versions of Christmas songs, but tucked away on this compilation is just...weird. Or maybe these Italian dudes are pranksters?

It gets weirder, 'cause thanks to the comments, I now hear that this is not a track by Radar Is Radar Spelled Backwards, but by Reuben:


Anonymous said...

I think this is a cover of "Xmas is Awesome", I Have to check who the original is done by, I have it

Anonymous said...

Ahh, Band is Called Rueben. There is a video on you tube for "Xmas is Awesome" This is a great version.