Friday, December 13, 2019

Gianmarco Cilli

Sometimes people, aware of this blog but unaware of the richness that we call 'Alt Christmas', ask me: what makes a good Christmas song? I smile, handcomb my beard, put down my glasses and say: well, a good Christmas song contains a holy trinity: bells, lyrics about events in the past and/or a feeling of nostalgia, and a mention of Christmas. Like all-time greats like White Christmas or The Christmas Song (chestnuts etc), in the best Christmas songs there's a desire, a longing, a need to be or do something else than what you're doing at the moment.
I don't know mr Gianmarco Cilli, a Philly songwriter and singer. Jim CU tipped me on this song by Cilli, who played with member of The War on Drugs on his recently released album. But Cilli knows my rules for a Good Christmas Song. Check it out:

Sidenote: of course, there are HEAPS of solid Christmas songs that don't have bells (Beau Jennings' ultra-brilliant The Christmas Light springs to mind).