Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The 51 Bestest Christmas songs of 2019 (on Spotify)

Making a list, checking it twice, it's all about Christmas, right? So before we go to the bestest Christmas songs of the decade (thanks for all your submissions so far), here's a list of all the newbies released this year. You can find it HERE. The longlist (over 200 songs) is HERE.

This list isn't really ranked, but ten songs that stick out are:

Beau Jennings - The Christmas Light.
The best Christmas songs aren't about Christmas, but have a deeper meaning, a more heartfelt message. Beyond bells, spruce needles and stuffing your mouth with food, so to speak. Arguably the most touching Christmas song of the year is this one, a song Jennings wrote in honour of his mother, who passed away. Christmas is the time you miss dear people the most, as many songs state, but Beau states it better. An xmas song with a hint of bells, mostly just guitar, a voice and a deep meaningful story. To quote the mighty Christmas Underground: 'The warmth and love that emanates from that track is undeniable and can be found in the tone and pacing of the instrumentals as well. Beau’s motivation for creating this beautiful record is one of love, but also of loss.'

JD McPherson - Red Bows for a Blue Girl.
There wasn't a better Christmas album last year than JD's 'Socks'. Firmly rooted in ole time rock'n roll, McPherson and his band of merry men made a retro-yet-timeless masterpiece. This track is a leftover, that feels like a 5 star course.

Lizzie Weber - December.
Damn Fine Songwriting from Miss Weber. She says about this very gentle, melancholy song: Written in November of 2017, “December” emerged soon after Lizzie was married, and her husband was deployed for military service overseas. That separation caused her to reflect, as she said, “on the importance of togetherness, the value of the physical presence of our loved ones in our lives, and how that is truly the greatest gift.” And so is this song.

Kelly Finnigan - Heartbreak for Christmas.
Probably the best Christmas songs are about heartbreak. And if you sing like Kelly, it's very convincing that such an ordeal really hurts.

The Hengles - Wish It Was Christmas time
Of course, not all good xmas songs need tears 'n heartbreak. You can write an 90s indierock sounding anthem about the season to, as this Dutch band did.

Telekinesis - Christas Time Is Here (uhoh)
If Cheap Trick doesn't want to record your Christmas smash, you can do it yourself. With maximum effect. Catchiest song of the season.

San Scout - Christmas Number One.
I cried when I heard this one. And it felt good.

The Swampmeat Family Band - A Present For Me.
We all love Fairytale of New York, right? Well, Swampmeat Family Band wrote a great singalong song with about the same atmosphere. This sounds like a classic from way back, but it's brand new, and it really really good.

Uncle Billy - It's Christmas (I'm a dog).
By far the most original song of the season, Christmas from the viewpoint of a dog. 'What is this tree, why is it here?' Love this.

Liz Vice & Hannah Glavor - Refugee King.
The story of the flight of Mary, Joseph & the li'l one, right after the first Noel, is beautifully sung. Hallelujah, oh yeah.