Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Bestest Christmas Songs of the 10s - results

A while back, I asked via social media and this blog, for your list of the 20 bestest Christmas songs of the decade. I received about 15 lists and scattered songs; so much different tracks, it's nearly impossible to make a solid ranking. The song that got the most mentions was 'That Was The Worst Christmas Ever!' by Sufjan Stevens, followed by 'My & My Baby (Spend Christmas With Me)' by The Faithettes. Both fine songs. EDIT: Although, as Stubby has just mentioned in the comments, Sufjan's from 2003 so cannot be named in this list. Hmmm. Let's settle for this great song then.

Anyhoo, to make the most of out all your submissions, I decided to post ten submissions that I either forgot all about, hadn't heard of, or/and were just too darn good to pass. They're all from 2010-2019, suggested by readers of this blog.

First up, this song (suggested by David and Dan) by Jonathan Coulton & John Roderick (of The Long Winters), about that uncle that probably everybody has, and don't want to invite to Christmas dinnner. It's funny, it's catchy and I forgot all about this album the both of them made in 2012 (tho I posted a song from it):

Larry unearthed this gem of a French rockin' tune by Sugar et Tiger, a French band that now seems defunct. Cool video too, HERE.

Swedish songstress Annika Norlin is part of Hello Saferide, and thanks to Wouter and George I now know she recorded an album this year, with Jens Lekman. This track is about the song Silent Night, and what it does to a preacher and a performer.

Thanks to Cor, I became familiair with this track by Australian phenomenon Kate Miller-Heidke (yep, this Kate):

Thanks David, for reminding us all about this glorious track by The Heathen & the Holly:

Martin/Stubby came up with A LOT of great tracks, like this one from 2011:

A very tender song by Chely Wright, from an EP I seem to have missed in 2018 (thanks Stuart, loved that David Mead song too):

Very nice list from TapeMixTape, including this great stop-motion clip by Nat Jay:

And this would be on my own Top 20 list. Holland's own A Balladeer, singing beautifully how he hates Christmas:


Stubby said...

FWIW, "That Was The Worst Christmas Ever" is from 2003 and doesn't qualify. In fact, that whole five album set of Sufjan's is from 2006. So the most mentioned song as one of the best of the decade isn't from the decade its one of the best of.

Puckwheat said...

Love the Chely Wright, and I love the original by Mindy Smith even more! Wonderful song!

Jake Millions said...

Great music album. I have listened "Noël Christmas" music. This is really sweet music.