Thursday, November 28, 2019

Uncle Billy

Kevin Andrew Prchal is an American singer-songwriter who was featured earlier on this blog, with his great, twisted Christmas songs. Twisted in a sense that he, or better, he and his songwriting partner Nate Erickson, tilt the usual subjects or themes in a Christmas song. 'Where My Naughty Boys?' is a song about Mrs Claus, and what she does when Santa's is away. 'December 26th' is about the "special, empty, hollow, kinda feeling", after all the laughter, caroling and wrapping paper is gone.
Prchal & Erickson now operate under the Uncle Billy moniker; 'Uncle Billy' is a nod to the movie It's a Wonderful Life. Their new song is yet another really great seasonal tune. Immaculate, very well crafted. This time from the standpoint of a dog, with no clue about the festive season but LOVING the trees. Very very good.