Friday, November 08, 2019

The Hengles

Most of the time, we post Christmas songs, meaning songs about Christmas or at least mentioning Christmas, on this blog. But every now & then some seasonal songs slip through. Songs about December, the end of the year, wintertime. Enter Dutch band The Hengles, who recorded a song called Wintertime. The video was made by one of the daughters of the bandmembers (all veterans of the Dutch 90s rock scene, they played in bands like Jack of Hearts, Supersub, Treble Spankers). Their style is that jingle-jangle Big Star/Posies rock that's both very 90s, and very classic.
Now, the reason they pop up today, is that they also recorded a Christmas song - no, not this great track from last year, but a new one. And that one's gonna pop up next week, as an exclusive premiere. Get ready!