Monday, November 04, 2019

popular but cool

There are a lot of Christmas compilations called 'Cool Christmas' (go and check Discogs). Most of them full of popular pop and/or rock songs. So 'A Very Cool Christmas' isn't very original as title. But it comes as CD and as a very cool double LP on green and red vinyl (on Music On Vinyl ). On it are 'contemporary' artists like Bob Dylan, Dandy Warhols, Bryan Adams or Brian Setzer. But also 'old', mainly soul songs, from people like Clarence Carter, Jackson5, Rufus Thomas or Aretha Franklin. Also this Marvin Gaye song which I wasn't familiar with: 'Purple Snowflakes' . This seems to be a very peculiar song. It was written in 1965 under the title 'Purple Snowflakes'. But Marvin Gaye had a hit with it in 1965 under the title 'Pretty Little Lady'. Only in 1992 it was rereleased on the Motown Christmas compilation 'Christmas In the City' with it's original title 'Purple Snowflakes'.


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