Friday, November 22, 2019

Snowflakes Christmas Singles club

One of the highlights of the Xmas music season are the original and brandnew releases of the Amsterdam based label Snowflakes Chrsitmas Singles. Since 2013 they did release 3-4 singles every year. This winter they come up with their seventh edition of snow white 7 inches. Us And Them is a Swedish folk duo. They do a song of their own and a sweet cover of ‘Winter’ from Tori Amos. Rockband Livingmore come from Los Angeles. They do an acoustic version of the old (1934) seasonal song ‘Winter Wonderland’. Last 2019 single is from Parisian trio Superbravo with singer Armelle Pioline (formerly in the band Holden). How I adore those sometimes dreamy French vocals. Listen to their own song ‘La Nuit’ and their version of the Jacques Prévert poem ‘Chanson Pour Les Enfants l’Hiver’, once also recorded around 1950 by Les Frères Jacques. For vinyl and Christmas lovers an absolute must these snow white gems, released in an edition of 320 copies!