Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Hard Candy Christmas covers

So, Dolly Parton's version of Hard Candy Christmas shuffled by, and I felt like making a Spotify playlist with covers (HERE, Tracey Thorn's verion is the bestest). And then I thought, what's on Bandcamp?
Turns out, A LOTTA versions of this xmas classic. Most are neat renditions, acoustic, nothing special. But here are a few versions that differ from the usual:

How'bout a discofied version:

Wouldn't necessarily say this is a good version, but different it sure is. Sounds like it was recorded inside of a bouncing ball:

Boom! Clap! Boom! Clap!

Turn up the synth! No, turn it up louder! LOUDER!

Dreampop version, kinda nice:

Marilyn Manson called, he wants this demo back:

Slip into something more comfortable, whilst I poor you a Christmas cocktail:

Christmas = emo


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