Saturday, November 16, 2019

There Goes Another Year

Is Christmas more alive up north? And does it therefore bring us better or more authentic Christmas music? At least we can say that Magne Furuholmen from Norway (and keyboard player from popgroup a-ha) must have been extremely looking forward to this years Christmas, as he released his White Xmas Lies already the 25th of october.
Judge by yourself whether these 16 tracks were a good idea or not.


Unknown said...

Good 👍

Brady said...

"There Goes Another Year" is masterful. It's gorgeous, lonely and devastating all at the same time. Several great lines like "Life's too short and we're too slow". The heartbreaking chord changes and melodies bring a resigned power to the song. Plus, lovely strings and great production work which doesn't get in the way. In summary, I think I like it. And the whole album works for me. And the inspired take on AC/DC's "Hell's Bells" works very well. A clever inclusion on a Xmas album! Way to go, Mags!