Thursday, December 08, 2016

Santa Sabbath

Ah, here's something to feast your ears on. A Los Angeles-based Black Sabbath tribute band who re-write the classics to 'celebrate' the season. Somehow, we missed last year's 'Children of the Sleigh' EP (HERE), Christmas Bloody Christmas is as good as that one featuring a hard-rockin' redressing of 'Wicked World' into 'Wicked Christmas.'

Katie Malco

Deeply touching, melancholic Christmas music; Bring. It. On. Thanks Katie for writing this song.

This track is also available on Bandcamp. Katie's bio:
Scottish-born Londoner Katie Malco writes music that sits quietly somewhere between an aching, serene sadness and a hopeful determination. Somewhere between morbid and elevating. She mourns her past and lays it out on the table for all to see, exposed with twitching nerves. Armed with only an old telecaster that's seen better days, a piano - any piano - and her voice, she has toured the UK and mainland Europe extensively.

Martin Creed

'We present you the weird and the wonderful', our header says, and that certainly goes for this video. Martin Creed is a Turner Prize winning conceptual artist, who's made remarkable art. Like this. This. And this. His Christmas song is kitschy, funny and honest. See for yourself:

It's You from Martin Creed on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

SHEL video

From one of the best Christmas EP's of this year.


From this site:
There's something about this track that really gives me the feels. Maybe it's because GFOTY whisper-chants "angel, mistletoe, Christmas day" over and over again until you can't help chanting along to it, under your breath, at work. Maybe it's because it utilises that pleasing jingle bell sound that immediately makes the festive transmitters in your brain light up. Or maybe it's because it contains the line "let me ride your christmas sleigh", which we all know means something hella dirty. Either way, this is an underrated holiday banger that definitely deserves a place on the next That's What I Call Christmas CD. Sort your shit out, NowMusic. Now, you bellends!


You might not be into (new) Christmas music as much as we do, or just don't have the time to scan all the blogs, sites 'n tweets. So here's a short round up of what's going on over @ our xmas blog friends.
Because Stubby just posted a really cool track by Ben Smith, you should hear:

Our German friends of Lie in the Sound are opening their advent calender doors, and this ennui-filled, Last Christmas-inspired gem of a track fell out:

And look what Christmas Underground posted, this is Ben Folds-good:

Wolf Blitzer

Boston, Mass. based band Wolf Blitzer released a VERY fun seasonal EP. Featuring 'a Fountains of Wayne-esque sort-of-pop sort-of-love song, an imagining of what a Radiohead Christmas song would sound like' and 'a glitchy interpretation of a traditional song'. That last one is called 'Little Drum Machine Boy' and will bring a smile to your face. That Fountains of Wayne pop/love song is a-okay:

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

john oates christmas

After a seasonal album in 2006 with his buddy Daryl Hall, 'Home For Christmas', John Oates comes back solo with a nice green coloured seven inch with the country-jazz song 'Santa Be Good To Me'.

New Killers x-mas track and album

For the last ten years the Killers did surprise us with their annual Xmas song. This year they have compiled them all on the album 'Don't Waste Your Wishes'. It also includes this years song 'I'll Be Home For Christmas', recorded first in 1943 by Bing Crosby. It's their first Christmas cover. The album will be out on CD on december 9th

Toni And Ash

Electrofunk duo Toni and Ash stepped out of their robotmode and recorded a sultry, jazzy Christmas tune. Then they made fun of themselves in this video:

Pentacon Six/Crystal Furs

Pentacon Six' 'Christmas is better with you' was one of the highlights on TBASB's yearly Christmas mix on this blog (HERE!). Pentacon Six renamed themselves as Crystal Furs and updated/remixed 'Christmas is better with you.' The St Etienne'ish vibe, the desafinado vocals and the piercing organ are still there, thank goodness, only more fresh.

Listen to the old version HERE.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Grapes and Friends

Austin, TX bands Dangeresque, The Gorgeous Hands and Genuine Leather combined forces to write a yacht-y, blue eyed soul Christmas track, think Hall & Oates meets Ween. It's really really good:


Sunday, December 04, 2016

Five of the Best New Christmas Songs of 2016 (so far)

Or listen to Christmas Hell on SOUNDCLOUD


Pender is a 'husband and wife chiptune indie folk band' from Missoula, Montana who released 'Christmas Dirt' back in November. If you don't tag a Christmas song as such in Bandcamp, it's hard to find for Christmas enthusiasts - just saying. Pender's track, that sounds like a twisted version of The Civil Wars, is part of the 25 song compilation 'Camp Daze presents ABC Families the 25 Daze of X-Mas: A Cassette Compilation', which is, yes, a cassette. But you can hear the tracks, including Pender, on Bandcamp. Do try the Nickolas Hawksley track as well!

Saturday, December 03, 2016


American punk rock band MxPx have a long history of releasing Christmas songs, see this list. 'Punk Rawk Christmas' is a compilation of those singles. 'Another Christmas' is a new track, just released. Uptempo, harmonies, melancholic lyrics. Cool tune.

Moonlight Breakfast/SHEL

Oohlala, our spiritual xmas friends @ Elves Bells posted a VERY nice, jazzy Christmas song by Romanian band Moonlight Breakfast. It's from 2012, but still great:

Also, go over to Stubby the hear the WONDERFUL Christmas EP by Shel.


Stippenlift is Dutch producer/keytarplayer Hugo van der Poel, also part of Earth Mk II. Stippenlift (which translates as Stiplick) is his one-man project, just his slacker voice and synths. 'Zielig Kerstfeest' (Sad Christmas) is an EP featuring weepy Christmas songs about Christmas desire, but mostly about being alone, being afraid of Santa and the general annoyances one can experience at a Christmas dinner table. All songs are in Dutch, the EP's on Spotify and iTunes. I found a link to YouTube, but alas you cannot play the videos. I think his songs are kinda catchy, I really dig the Giallo-influenced, creepy 'De Kerstman', but I wonder if you get it when you don't understand Dutch.

Huilen (kerst) is an xmas version of the earlier released song Huilen. More Stippenlift here.

Friday, December 02, 2016


Two songs I wish were on Spotify, so I could include 'm in my Best 50 Christmas Songs list, are by London-based indie rock band Tellison. Somehow, they're not in the alt Christmas canon, but they belong there. Melancholic, good drive, great lyrics. Both songs are available on Bandcamp.


'It's only Christmas (Cheer up you moody prick)', LOVE that title. Love the powerpop song that goes with it, by UK band Fightmilk, and they way they weave well-known carols through the song.

Spotify playlist

All the new(ish) Christmas songs of this year are in one Spotify playlist, that you can find HERE.
Including this track: