Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Ten of the Best

Said it before, will say it again: this is an awesome year for new Christmas music. Here's a top ten of what I think are the best xmas trax of 2018. PS: If you want most of these, and more, in one handy Spotify playlist, go HERE

1. JD McPherson - SOCKS!
No competition, this is the bestest new Christmas album of the year. It's retro and nostalgic, but with high energy, all songs sound like they're on par with 'Blue Christmas'. Yes, that's a bold statement, but it's the truth.

2. The Grapes and Friends - Ms. Claus
The bestest Christmas song Hall & Oates never wrote.

3. X-Misses - There's no Christmas in Hell
Original song from an incredible lp, featuring covers, reworks and very strong original songs. Very versatile, from punkrawk to folk, and it all works. Really, really strong.

4. Tangarine - Don't Turn Off the Lights
Lovely track from two Dutch bros with a solid reputation when it comes to writing Christmas tunes.

5. GURR & Eddie Argos - Christmas Holiday
High octane xmas rawk! How can you NOT like this?!

6. Aidan Moffatt & RM Hubbert - Ghost Story for Christmas
Christmas ain't Christmas without that brilliant Aidan accent.

7. Matt Owens - One Fuck of a Year
Brilliant title, brilliantly executed. One to sing along to for years to come. It drives away any bad thought you ever had.

8. Nicholas Burgess - Santa Planet
We like oddball xmas songs. This was the best of 2018:

9. Mud on my Bra - Allergic to Christmas
A good anti-Christmas song, we had a few, but then again, only this one's really worth to mention.

10. Whyte Horses - Next Year Will Be Mine
When it comes to production, this one takes the biscuit. How GOOD this one sounds. But also: what a great song. What a voice. What joy!

Also very good: Santa's Got A Sweet Tooth by The Dip (link); Hey Merry Christmas by The Mavericks (link); that Pizzagirl single (link); Sasha Don't Take My Toys Away by Swimfan (link); Champagne & Engelenhaar by Stippenlift (link), Merry Christmas The President is Terrible by Quiet Company (link), the full Bicyclettes de Belsize album (link), the Oh! Gunquit single (link)...such a good year!


LeRoi said...

Whyte Horses: not so good. Didn't get past the f*** paywall. Post an Xmas song or get off the pot, mafketels. Xmas in Amsterdam rules, with Thee mighty Sleigh Shakers.