Friday, December 21, 2018


Scanned some other blogs for new Christmas music, and this is what I found, stuff you really should hear:

Funny, rambling country song by Sun Sap on Santa being daddy [VIA]:

The Greyhound Factory sound like an 80s alt rock band, think music from Sixteen Candles or Pretty in Pink-soundtracks. Which I happen to like [VIA]
Auckland's Lucky Boy^ shares a song that's apperantly an old NZ xmas classic. It's dreamy, offkey and tropical [VIA]:

Eoin Dolan makes 'sci-fi-tinged surf pop that finds a space where sadness and beauty can coexist simultaneously'. So there. [VIA]

To quote Christmas Underground, whom we trust blindly when it comes to xmas music, 'this band has CHRISTMAS MUSIC PERFECTED':