Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Free Trio

Scanned the great Stubby's Free List, and found three songs (among a lot of other cheer) that struck a nerve.
'A tattoo of her baby's feet, was pressed against my eyes' is one of the many poignant lines in the sad, slow song by Missouri singer-songwriter Dearnley, about Christmas eve in a strip club. Just a guitar, a tired voice and depressing lyrics, make a great, great song. Really.

A tad LOUDER is this track by Georgia's Eat Lightning. From 2011, but brought back to life for the holiday season. Grunge blues, if that's a thing, well, it's this:

As I wrote before, How to Make Gravy by Paul Kelly is one of the greatest Christmas songs ever written. On Saturday, it's #gravyday down under, because of the lyrics. This version by Anita Clare is stripped down to just a guitar and a back up singer. That's all it needs, really. Also on this compilation is a sweet, sexy version of Mariah Carey's AIWFC.