Friday, December 14, 2018

Darien Fiorino

Dan send us an email. He's Darien's dad, a Christmas enthusiast and a reader of this blog. He writes: 'I've been a long time visitor to your site; which has expanded my Christmas music palette - something I've shared with my family. Over the last few years, my son Darien (who will turn 20 in a few weeks), has been recording his own CDs of Christmas standards and would give them out as gifts to the family.
Last year he wrote and recorded an original Christmas song: Early December. I think it's great but I'm biased. Would love it if you could give it a listen, let me know what you think and, if you feel it's worthy, post it on Christmas A Go Go'.

'Early December', that original song, is an intriguing track. It's sparse (bells and piano, that's basically it), it has 'Sprechgesang' and there's that line 'the snow will melt and freeze again, and dogs will piss and we'll all slip and fall hurt ourselves when we least want it'. Darian has a comforting voice, this songs sounds like someone's talking to himself, watching the world turn white from a window. Intriguing, really.