Sunday, December 16, 2018

Dead links and lost posts

This blog is online since 2006, and in time a lot of songs moved house (from Bandcamp to Spotify, for instance) or vanished in thin air. I've been updating some dead links and lost posts all day now. There are a few songs I cannot seem to find any more. Like The Love Me Nots' version of Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me (it's on Spotify, but not available in Holland, alas). So Sad Santa by the Girl with the Replaceable Head. DCTV's Noël Interdit is gone from Soundcloud, alas. Also, I reconnected with a few treasures from the past. Here's some blasts from years ago:

That bassline reminds me a little of Depeche Mode, the atmosphere is very New Order, and that's all good. Moody synthy-xmas.

Female psych-pop, with wobbly organs and a wall of fuzz. Great!

French Red Kross-style indierock. With bells on.

This is a song that keeps coming back to make me fall in love with it. Which I think is sweet.

By the way, DSD recorded a cool 'Last Christmas' cover this year:

Frankie Miller-style, indie-r&b (as in: rhythm & blues). Should've been a household name, now we keep this guy for ourselves.

Elizabeth is from Allo Darlin', who wrote several GREAT alt-xmas classics. This is her solo. It's sad, but good.

A James Brown-cover. Done differently, Country Junkies-style. But still works.

You recognise the vocalist in a second, if you're an 80s kid. It's Andy Partridge from XTC. Somehow, probably 'cause it's not on Spotify or other streaming platforms, this isn't a verified alt-xmas classic. It should be.

Finally found again, this indie classic, bit like an unstable Pulp:
Remember this punky girlgroupish wall of sound track?


Unknown said...

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