Thursday, December 13, 2018

Christmas is bullsh*t

In our Ten of the Best list, we rank 'Allergic to Christmas' as the only anti-Christmas song this year worth to mention. That's...not entirely true. Because Christmas is Bullshit by JC Cassis is a good one too. Let's just copy and paste what her Soundcloud says: "Sounding like a cheery, holiday-themed collaboration between Christina Aguilera and Weird Al Yankovic, Christmas Is Bullshit is a hilarious and super-catchy anti-Christmas comedy song from singer/songwriter/producer and Christmas hater, JC Cassis. If you're sick and tired of people acting like Christmas is great when you know it's all bullshit, and you want to sneak an anti-Christmas song into the holiday party playlist that will sound right at home with all the classics, this is the song for you. It's full of gorgeous, layered background vocals, brassy horns, saccharine strings, jolly jingle bells, and witty lyrics dripping with bad attitude about how annoying Christmas and winter really are. A surefire ear worm that will keep you laughing through the snow, Christmas Is Bullshit is destined to become a new holiday classic for everyone who's done with pretending to enjoy the holidays."
It's on Spotify, iTunes and below.