Sunday, December 20, 2009

The X in X-mas

Inspired by Natasha's post about The ultimate Christmas gift, I tracked down the sexiest X-mas tunes available. There's the sulty Eartha Kitt, with a song also covered by Kylie and Madonna. But those don't hold up against Mrs Kitt. There's the well-endowed Candye Kane doing a horny duet with Country Dick. The latter wants Candye to dress up in a red lace nighty and green stockings. Bob Rivers likes a fancy dress party too. Jimmy Butler wants to trim your tree. Finally, Albert Kings sings about the needs of Father Christmas.

Earth Kitt - Santa Baby
Candye Kane & Country Dick - Let's put the X back in X-mas
Jimmy Butler - Trim your tree
Bob Rivers - Walkin'round in women's underwear
Albert King - Santa Claus wants some lovin'


As suggested by Designwallah in the comments (thanks!):

Eartha Kitt - This Year's Santa Baby
Ella Fitzgerald - Santa Claus got stuck in my chimney

The cutie in the picture is Kay O'Hara.


designwallah said...

Have you heard Eartha's follow-up song, "This Year's Santa Baby"? Same backing track, with vocals for Christmas a year later - lots of fun!

designwallah said...

Then there's "Santa Claus Got Stuck (In My Chimney)" by Ella Fitzgerald (1950) and "Mama, Give Me What You Gave Santa Claus" by Josephine Premice, a 50's calypso singer.

Dave C said...

Lots of great stuff. Really enjoyed the Candye Kane tune. The BJ song is a good old-fashioned shocker(yeah, baby!). And the tranny song is a giggle. Good posts, great pin-up photo! Thanks.

Natasha said...

The stuck in my chimney one is great!

KJ said...

Eartha Kitt's "I'm Getting Nothing for Christmas " is also fun. She's getting nothing because she didn't want to be bad.

Anonymous said...

Albert King - Santa Claus wants some lovin'
is in fact the Mack Rice version