Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas with The King

In addition to the remarkable black kiddie xmas-track Mordi dropped over here, there is this white, nine year old countrykiddie called Michele Cody from (where else) Nashville. She did a pretty embarrassing christmassong for Elvis in 1978. Try to hold on till the end, cause there's some sticky redneck spoken word for Jesus too.

Another girl, Debbie Dabney (a.k.a Marlene Paul), wanted to spend Christmas with Elvis back in 1956. Now while you're sitting under that christmastree: try to find all the references that are made in these lyrics to titles that Elvis has sung. Good luck!

Elvis had a pretty busy Christmas that year, as Eddie Cochran (only on guitar) and The Holly Twins (singing) wanted Elvis for Christmas the same year too. Cause ''You ain't nothing but a reindeer, ooh barkin' all the time''. Thanks Eddie.

Finally there's a fine cover of one of Elvis' own Christmassongs, done by 2009 newbies First Aid Kit: Blue Christmas.

Michele Cody - Merry Christmas Elvis
All four tracks in one zipfile