Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Go tell the elves to fuck themselves

Christmas doesn't always bring out the best in us. Here's a selection of pottymouthed x-mas songs.

Eric Idle - Fuck Christmas (YSI)
Legendary Tiger Man - Fuck Christmas, I got the blues (YSI)
Mr Garisson from South Park - Merry Fucking Christmas (YSI)
Cutting Pink with Knives - Merry Fucking Christmas You Spineless Fuck (YSI)
Denis Leary - Merry Fucking Christmas (YSI)
Fear - Fuck Christmas (YSI)
Gabba Claus & Rudolph Ravedeer - Merry Mutha Fucking Christmas (YSI)


Ronald van Veen said...

Less than one month to go... and Christmas will be here again!!!

Email me your top 5 of favorite Christmas songs and I will compile a top 10 of a very special edition of the Pmachinery Christmas Top 10.

You can send me an email until December 23, 2009.

Please write in the subject line: My Christmas Top 5.

Send your email to:

You can also reply to this message!

To see other "top 5's", go to:

Best wishes, Ronald

Bella Windfree said...

well done. excellent selections

swac said...

You need that track with Eazy-E and "Santa Dolemite" on there!

Anonymous said...

phuk da frickin' fech frick n' frack

Anonymous said...

Missed grabbing these when they were originally posted -- now they're all down. Any chance you can repost them??

Thanks and Merry F'n Xmas!